A Thai Island Experience

       We have never been to a place quite like Thailand, and the island vibe is completely different from the mainland vibe, it’s less noisy, pushy and bright. We definitely fell in love with Thailand, especially the islands!

Phuket is a big loud kind of dirty place, basically throw the Las Vegas strip onto a Thai beach and add lady boys. Definitely a sight to see, but we didn’t spend much time here, only 1 night, which was plenty for us!

From Phuket we got on a ferry and went out to Koh Phi Phi island. Also a definite party place, but where isn’t a party place in Thailand! The island is small you can walk the entire thing, we ended up climbing up to a lookout point and got a fantastic view of the whole island! At night there is a huge party on the beach that goes until about 3 AM, if you want to sleep get ear plugs, if not jump in to the beats, grab some drinks and party under the moon!

From Koh Phi Phi we boarded a ferry and made our way to the island of Koh Lanta, which is an island completely opposite to the loud night life of Koh Phi Phi or Phuket. Koh Lanta is larger so we rented a scooter to get around, and stayed in a smaller village away from the main port area! Our hotel was called Pinkey Bungalow’s, and we would highly recommend them. The lady that runs in the place is really friendly and accommodating when we wanted to rent our scooters for the duration of our stay on the island. We told her it was our honeymoon and got upgraded for no additional costs to a cute little pink bungalow right next to the pool, which was open 24 hrs, and only shared between about 7 bungalows. The one night we grabbed a few beers from 7-Eleven, sat by the pool and went for a midnight dip. We absolutely loved having our scooters to be able to puts around this island, we made it back into the pier area where

we had dinner one night and walked through a market for some goodies, but also made it to the other side of the island and into old town! Justin loves cruising around on the scooters so I generally let him drive me around the island while I took photos along the way. At one point we were stopped by a bunch of monkeys hanging out on the road. We basically played chicken with them because they wouldn’t move even though we kept inching closer and closer! Eventually we climbed off the bike and Justin got a photo with the suborn little monkey!

  After leaving Koh Lanta we were a little sad we really loved how chill out the island was and we didn’t know what Ko Tao was going to be like, we didn’t want to end off for 5 days on a party island like Koh Phi Phi we wanted something more intimate and relaxing, thankfully that is exactly what Ko Tao was.

Ko Tao is the perfect mix of party and relaxing, the island is a little smaller than Ko Lanta so we never ended up renting a quad, we did go for an extremely long walk the one day though! Our walk started early, it was going to be a hot day we could tell early on, so we packed our water some snacks and a few electrolyte packs (which are something we will never travel without now!). We started walking along the water front and through some of the smaller resorts that we could access via walking trails and paths; the island is laid out pretty nicely for people who want to hike around. There was one sketchy part of the trail that kind of disappeared and we got a little lost, but the ocean was so blue we just sat there and enjoyed the scenery for a while before we figured out a way back to the main trail!

We made it to quite a few different beaches, and we snorkelled at most of them, the water was so clear and we could see so many tropical fish right off the beach which

made for really great time in the water! Ko Tao is known for is snorkelling and diving so we did also do a tour on a different day! On our hike we made it to a beach on the opposite side of the island from which we were staying on and enjoyed the sun while it was still up, we ended up walking back to our side at the sun was starting to set.

Ko Tao has an amazing atmosphere when it comes to hanging out, eating, drinking and visiting. You don’t need to be a hardcore partier  to enjoy the nightlife this island has to offer. Our bungalow was just on the other side of a small walkway that divided the beach and restaurants from the resorts. So after we would get cleaned up from the hot sun and salty sea we would wander the path looking at different menu’s deciding what we fancied for food. The unique thing about these restaurants is that they weren’t set up with tables and chairs they were coffee tables and bean bags for lounging on, so you could basically lay down have some drinks watch the sun set, eat some dinner and then they move more lounger spots onto the beach for the fire shows to begin. Every night a selection of the restaurants have people perform fire shows.

The nightlife is actually what made us really love this island, we would eat dinner at one place, wander down the beach dipping our toes in the water as we walked to another for some drinks and a show. And during the day the ocean was great for swimming and snorkelling, next time we will get our diving certificate and stay on Ko Tao for 2 weeks!

The Thai islands give you a wide variety of things to do and see, and you can spend your time getting crazy drunk and partying until the sun comes up or hiking and visiting different beaches, you can watch the sunset and fire shows or go to the movies on the beach ( we never did this but one of the pubs had a projector open up right on the beach in Ko Tao and a different movie played every night ) .

We can’t wait to go back to these islands, sit on a big swing made of drift wood and drink cheep Chang beer’s from 7-eleven!

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