North America

When he proposes in Costa Rica

Every girl dreams of the perfect engagement,  how it will happen, where it will happy, and of course when it will happen. Justin and I had been together for 6 years at the time and I might have been getting a little ansy for that question to be asked. We had recently bought our first home so things were moving in the perfect direction, we had talked about marriage, and Justin always said “Babe, we will get married, but what’s the rush?” so I was extremely surprised when we were on our family holiday to Costa Rica that he popped the question.

We were there over New Years, and of course there was an insanely huge New Years party on the beach and we had so much fun dancing, laughing and hanging out with my family, they had a bunch of goofy things for people to wear, like big sunglasses or tiara’s, light up rings and glow in the dark bracelets; needless to say we were all decked out in some pretty rad gear! We ended up staying up late and eventually making our way back to the hotel room, the next morning we woke up laughed about the night we just had and went down for breakfast and to meet up with everyone to see how their nights went. I hadn’t noticed that Justin took the light up ring on the bathroom counter in his pocket. We spent our day much like all the others, margaritas at the pool, sunshine and sunscreen, playing games and visiting with everyone. We decided that night we would go for dinner on our own, as we had been going with the whole group every night thus far, we thought we would try out the little Italian restaurant in the Resort.

While we were waiting for our food to come Justin dug into his pocket and grabbed the light up ring I was wearing the night before, he “placed” it in front of me, although I claim he may have tossed it across the table to me. Regardless, he looked at me and said “Do you want to get married one day?”, since we had previously talked about the “one day” thing I just said “yes of course” then just looked at him, it took a few seconds to click, Oh my goodness this handsome mad across the table from me just asked me to marry him. So I quickly replied again all flustered, “are you asking me to marry you?!?!”, with a questionable look on his face he shyly replied that yes he was. So embarrassed that I didn’t read the clue I quickly put the ring on my hand, lit it up and have him a big ol’ kiss.

Although our engagement went nothing like I had ever imagined, it was more perfect than I ever though possible. Not a big scene, hell no on at the restaurant even know what was happening, it was just the two of us and it was perfect in so many ways.

After we finished our meals and had a few more drinks we went to give the news to my family, I have never seen so many tears of joy, and it made for a very special remainder of our holiday!

Now we are happily married, and embarking on our next family holiday in a few months.

Costa Rica was the perfect place to get engaged, especially around New Years, the resort was decorated top notch and the weather couldn’t have been better. I would have said yes, no matter where, how or when he asked, but I’m happy we have a funny little story that came out of our engagement.


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