Things that only happen in Saigon

Ho Chi Minh – Saigon….    There were so many moments on our tour in Asia with our two great friends, Daniel and Kostner, but there were a few that will forever stick in the memory more than others. Where do we start…

     Starting on day one, simple tasks like shopping left his in a hysterical laughing fit, one of the best was when Daniel wanted to buy a new belt for himself. Jokingly we laughed as he looked at various belt, making remarks like “Dan that’s going to be your Chasity belt for the trip”, he just laughed us off and decided to try a few on. The first one didn’t fit very well, the second one he didn’t like the colour of the leather, but the third one he couldn’t let go of. Literally, it was a tricky clasp, and as soon as he got it on there was no way it was going to come off, turns out the clasp was broken.

    To our amusement there stood Daniel in the streets of Ho Chi Minh City trapped in a belt. The tiny Vietnamese lady who sold him the belt worked frantically to get it undone, but had no luck, so she called to her husband who rushed out of the store to jump in and help her. Two people was not enough though, a man walking down the street also jumped into help. Kostner, Justin and I all stood by laughing in tears as we watched 3 Vietnamese people try to get Daniels’ belt off in the middle of the street.

   We learnt a few things in this situation, 1. Never trust a belt at a street Vendor in Asia, 2. Vietnamese people are very friendly and always willing to help in a tricky situation and 3. It’s very easy to laugh yourself into tears when you’re with your friends in Asia.

     Alright lets move on to Lady boys… you need to watch out for them, or anyone on the streets in Saigon for that matter. We had a few interesting encounters in this area of town for sure.

      First lets start with Daniel, again this is day one, and we’ve only been on Asian soil for a few hours, we were all struggling with Jet lag, and didn’t want to go to crazy, Justin and I were the first to go off to bed, Kostner followed an hour later, and we left poor Daniel to fend for himself on the crazy streets of Vietnam. Yes there was liquor, but we still aren’t sure how he was convinced to get on the back of some “ladies” scooter so she could drive him back to our hostel. Turns out it was a ladyboy, “she?!?!” drove him off into a sketch part of town, reached around for his “dong” with one hand and his “dong ;)” with the other, stole 1 million Dong and took off, luckily some locals did give him a free ride back to the hostel area and he was safe.   ** Dong is Vietnamese Currency **

     I think there are many stories that came out of the Saigon Area in Ho Chi minh, and most of them happened while at the little street pubs close to our hostel…

       Another night, same street, different bar, we decided to go out on a pub crawl, we started with a few drinks at the pub and this extremely small woman comes us to us, yes woman in Vietnam are already small, but everything about this woman was about the size of a 6 year old child, she was super tiny. Myself being a woman who’s blessed in my chest region made her very excited and shocked. Having casual drinks turned into some super tiny woman running up and planting two giant kisses on my breasts. With so many people one would think we would never see her again, but about 3 hours later down a random street there she was again, and just as excited.

    Another things we learned in Vietnam … You never truly know what to expect, but you should never expect to have any personal space what so ever.

     I think one of the craziest thoughts that crossed our drunk minds though, was buying a baby, now let me explain…

  Sitting at the outdoor patio of a bar means you’re an open target for people to come try and sell you all sorts of goodies, weather it be a fan, a pen, a lighter and so on. We were getting really annoyed at all these woman trying to sell us stuff so when one lady walked up with a really cute 3 year old littler girl Daniel piped up and goes “How much for the baby”, and swiftly she replies with “one thousand US dollars” no questions asked, no hesitation in her answer. Now we had had a few drinks, and the little girl was very cute, we did talked it over, but I think we made the right choice is not spending $250 USD each to purchase a baby, after all, how would we split up custody when we got back to Canada.

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