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Hop Through Peru

Why Peru-Hop is great for first timers to Peru

For us Peru-Hop was a perfect way to explore a new country without the hassle of planning the whole trip on our own like we are used to. This was our honeymoon trip, and after spending months planning and prepping the wedding we wanted a trip that needed less planning on our part, but we still wanted adventure; which made Peru-Hop the perfect choice!

What is Peru-Hop

Peru-Hop is the perfect way to explore Peru without the hassle of booking your accommodations, transportation and tours all on your own. Imagine a hop-on-hop-off bus which normally jumps between major sights in a city, and expand it to the whole country; you are able to jump on and off and stay as long as you want in each city the bus makes it’s stops at. There are many routes to choose from so you can choose what suites your “must-see’s” and timetable.

We chose to do that “Full South to Cusco” option which allowed us to explore the major sights we wanted, while still staying on track with our 10 day time limit in Peru. You can check out all the options for routes on their website

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Our Experience

The Full South to Cusco route was perfect for our time in Peru. We flew into Lima which is where the tour began; The bus picked us up at our hotel and we became acquainted with everyone else who was going to be on the bus with us for the adventure. The interesting thing about Per-Hop is that you have the option to stay in certain cities longer, or you can stick with the same guide and same group of people the entire journey. We chose to stick to the schedule, as did many others, and became great friends with our new travel companions.image2 (5)

From Lima the bus took us to Paracas, with a pit stop in Chincha early in the day. In Chincha we were guided through the slave tunnels from the 17th century. Unfortunate for myself I am extremely clumsy and I ended up twisting my ankle on day 1 from stumbling in the dark tunnels. Once we arrived in Paracas, since you’re not technically on a tour you’re free to do as you please. You can book your accommodation in advance on your own or you can talk to the guides on the bus while on route to the next destination and they will sort it out for you. We did book in advance because we were on our honeymoon and didn’t want to stay in dorms with other travellers,  but the option is there.

unnamed (109)

Paracs is a beautiful little coastal town where we stayed one night, and then booked the excursion to the Ballestas Islands for the next morning. The Ballestas Islands are Peru’s mini version of the Galapagos Islands, and a definite must see. You go out on a boat for 2 hours and are able to see sea lions, seals, birds, penguins and other marine life.

From there we continued with the same bus to Huacachina, which ended up being one of our favourite little spots on this trip. A small lake in the desert with a village built completely around it, absolutely gorgeous. Here we joined the tour for dune-buggy rides and sand boarding in the surrounding desert, what a thrill!

image2 (6)

On route to Arequipa there is a pit stop at the Nazca lines viewing towers, you only stop for about 1 hour, but that’s all you really need. Nazca is a small town which you do have the option to stay in if you want, and if you do, you can take a plane over the Nazca lines to see them in more detail as well as others which are not visible from the viewing towers. We chose to skip that and

image3 (2)

continued on to Arequipa, where we were taken on a hike into the second deepest canyon in the world at Colca Canyon. Our group was lucky and ended up seeing 4 Condor birds flying over our heads while we were hiking, The views are spectacular here!

Arequipa also has a wonderful market you can go shopping at where we enjoyed trying some different snacks and admiring the handicrafts made by the Peruvian people.

A work of caution, the altitude might get to you between Arequipa and Puno, as Puno is almost 4000m above sea level, so chew on Coca leaves and drink coca Tea, you can also unnamed (107)get “Agua Florita’s” while in Peru to dab on your skin, which is said to help with elevation sickness.

unnamed (106)The stop in Puno was a definite must for us, we were really excited to see Lake Titicaca, the highest lake in the world for it’s size. There are families living on reed islands in the middle of the lake, whom we got to visit for a few hours to learn about their way of life on the water. Moses was the little boy who stole everyone’s heart while we were on the island as he ran around playing with the reeds and the pet cat that they had.

From Puno you complete the final leg of your journey once you reach Cusco. Peru-Hop doesn’t operate a tour to Machu Picchu themselves, but they will recommend and help you get in contact with a tour group to take you on your trek if you wish. We were thrilled with our 4 day tour to Machu Picchu that they helped us sort out. There are many options to chose from, you can either take the traditional hike which follows the Inca trail all the way, you can choose the jungle trek which combines the Inca trail with biking, rafting & zip lining ( this is the option we choose), or you can take the train to Aguas Calientes and then a bus up to Machu Picchu early in the day.

Why you should book Peru-Hop

Here are the top reasons we believe that Peru-Hop is a perfect choice for first time travellers to Peru.

  • Flexibility – There is the option to take as long as you want to get from destination A
  • image3 (3) to B with this company.
  • Helpful Staff – Your guides will help you book accommodations, tours, take you out for meals to restaurants they recommend, as well as stay up partying with you at bars in the evenings if you wish
  • Takes the stress out of booking your transportation – The most stressful part is figuring out how to get from one city to the next in an affordable way, let them take care of this!
  • Price – Extremely reasonable cost for any budget, especially once you see the services that they provide.
  • Meeting other travellers – We made some amazing friends along the way, spending a week with the same group of people all doing what you love – Travelling – will create memories for a lifetime!

What are you waiting for? If you were thinking about Peru as a destination, but unsure of how to set your plans in motion go check out Peru-Hop and start planning your next South American adventure







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