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Best Places to stay in Banff & Lake Louise

Living in Edmonton has some perks, one is being so close to the beautiful Canadian Rockies, and since they are a short drive away we spend a lot of time there summer and winter. In the summer we like to camp instead of staying in a hotel or lodge, but in the winter we are often trying new accommodations.

 Driving down the Bow Valley Parkway in Banff National Park 

We recently took a trip to Banff National Park and splurged on accommodation, which is something we don’t normally do, as we are always trying to be really thrifty on our trips; nevertheless sometimes you need to treat yourself! We were able to stay at the Baker Creek Resort. 

You don’t need to spend a pile of money if you don’t want to while in the National Park though, there are other great options to choose from, below you will see my Personal top list for Hotels & Resorts in Banff National  Park.

  1. Baker Creek Resort
Our Jacuzzi @ Baker Creek 

Like I mentioned above this is a resort if you want to splurge a little on your getaway. It’s located between Banff & Lake Louise on the Bow Valley Parkway, so you will be needing a car to get around; it’s around 30 minutes to get to either Banff or Lake Louise. This resort is different than many others, as it’s a place for “digital detox”, there is extremely limited wifi and the resort itself is out of cellphone reception; if you’re looking for a perfect place to sneak away to for a romantic weekend look no further! You can retreat to your condo or suite, have a great meal at the onsite bistro or wander down to the fire-pits for roasting marshmallows, they even have their own skating rink on site, which is great for families!

** We highly recommend the Jacuzzi suite, it was great for winter nights after being out exploring in the cold all day! **

2. Hidden Ridge Resort

This is another resort that is on the more expensive side, but it’s fantastic for groups. We’ve stayed here a few times with friends in the 2 bedroom condos, and even a few times on our own in the 1 bedroom condo. The location is in Banff so you are close to the mountain town action, you will still need a car in my opinion to get to downtown but you aren’t miles out. The condo’s are well equipped, so although you might be spending more on your accommodation, you have the option to save money by cooking your meals at home.

Johnson Canyon Hike – A short Drive away from Banff

3. Inns of Banff

This is probably our top choice for our nights in Banff, the price is right and the location is perfect. When you enter Banff it’s one of the first Inns on the left hand side, with onsite parking and a great breakfast buffet, it’s exactly what we look for when we escape to go skiing for the weekend. Our favourite thing about this Inn is the rooftop hot tub with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The rooms are clean, the beds are comfortable, and the Inn itself is staffed by great people.


4. Banff Rocky Mountain Resort

Another great option if you’re travelling with a group for a few days. We stayed in the 4 bedroom Wolf condo with a huge group of friends, and another time enjoyed the smaller one bedroom condo on our own. The resort is in a great location as you enter Banff, with easy access into the town via foot or short taxi/car ride, as well they do offer a shuttle to downtown Banff during certain hours. The condo’s and rooms are well equipped and clean! They also have an indoor pool onsite, and an outdoor hot-tub for you to enjoy!

5. Tunnel Mountain Resort

This resort is in a great location with just a short drive to downtown, the rooms are spacious and the beds are super comfy! We really enjoyed the studio apartment, because we love to have a kitchenette of some kind during our stay, if you are more keen on eating out the hotel rooms they have are also great! They also have a great selection of condo’s if you’re travelling with a group or just want more space.

6.The Red Carpet Inn

This hotel is right in Banff town, walking distance to anything you might want to see during your stay. We stayed in the Jacuzzi suite here and it was great for the night. The Inn has an onsite hot tub also you can visit after a day hitting the slopes. The rooms are a good size, clean and the beds are comfortable.


Click here  To check out other accommodation options in Banff National Park, or check out what Lake Louise has to offer here

Johnson Canyon Hike

Once you’ve chosen your Accommodation for your Banff or Lake Louise Adventure check out Banff & Lake Louise, The perfect Weekend Getaway for some ideas on what to see and do while you’re visiting the National Park.


There are so many places to stay in Banff National Park, and each hotel is always throwing out deals, so check their sites for upcoming special on your dates. If it’s just the two of us for a weekend we like to choose something smaller and more romantic, and when we go away for the weekend with a group of friends we enjoy the condo’s Banff has to offer. These are our top picks, what are yours?



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