North America

North America

Canada:  BC // Alberta // Saskatchewan // Quebec // Yukon

We might be biased when it comes to our opinion on this amazing country, but it is where we have both grown up! Edmonton, Alberta, a busy city in the prairies! We are so blessed that we live close to family, friends, mountains, lakes and so much more!

With our great love for the outdoors we are always hiking, biking, snow boarding and river floating! Spending summers lake side with family and friends, and winters cuddled up by the fire or making massive snowmen!!

United States: Hawaii // New York City // California // Las Vegas // Florida // Texas 

Being so close to the States we take our share of adventures south! We’ve spent a lot of time in Hawaii, visited San Francisco for our anniversary, partied in Las Vegas, visted family in Houston, played at Disney in Florida and I had an art show in NYC.

Mexico // Jamaica // Costa Rica

My Family is fortuane enough to go on a huge family holiday every 2 years and we always escape to some place warm with a resort. 

We are huge lovers of the beach and the sun plus all inclusive means all the drinks you want! From beach to beach we work on our tans and test the limits of our livers! 

Oh and best thing is when your boyfriend of 7 years proposed on New Years Day in  Costa Rica ❤



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