Accommodation in India

Hostel Life in India While in India we travelled in a group of 5 so our best option was to stay in Hostels, we were able to get the best bang for our buck by staying in dorms together, although on the days we did splurge on a private room for ourselves we were only… Continue reading Accommodation in India


Top Tips for Backpacking India

Helpful Tips for your first time in India Let me start with this quote I read on one of the hostel walls in Jodhpur. "Travelling is teaching you that everyone else's perception of the world is wrong." I'm not sure who wrote it, or pasted it on the wall, but I believe that is the… Continue reading Top Tips for Backpacking India


Driving the Irish Roads

     We recently took a trip overseas, to the land of the Leprechauns and Guinness. We had been planning for a while, and thought maybe the best plan was to not have a solid plan, which was a little challenging for me to handle; nevertheless we jumped on our flight with limited plans, and… Continue reading Driving the Irish Roads


WE DID IT! 25 BY 25

         We completed our first travel goal ever made, which was to visit 25 countries together before we turn 25, and with a few months left until our 25th birthdays, we made it to our goal! What made this goal really special was we accomplished it just 1 day before our 9 year… Continue reading WE DID IT! 25 BY 25

Blue roofs and Cliffs of Oia, Santorini, Greece

The way we Backpacked Europe

       Although we did not do the tradition sleep in a hostel type of backpacking, I wouldn't change what we did in any way, We still made it very affordable for two people to travel for 2 months and see all the sites we wanted to see.   A lot of people who… Continue reading The way we Backpacked Europe


Things that only happen in Saigon

Ho Chi Minh - Saigon....    There were so many moments on our tour in Asia with our two great friends, Daniel and Kostner, but there were a few that will forever stick in the memory more than others. Where do we start...      Starting on day one, simple tasks like shopping left his… Continue reading Things that only happen in Saigon


24 Hours in Cambodia

One of the places we were most excited to check out was Cambodia, and the incredible Ankgor Wat Temples. Once we made it to them, they didn't disappoint. But first, before we actually made it to the temples we did have a full 8 hours, and why would we waste that on sleeping? We stayed… Continue reading 24 Hours in Cambodia