North America

When he proposes in Costa Rica

Every girl dreams of the perfect engagement,  how it will happen, where it will happy, and of course when it will happen. Justin and I had been together for 6 years at the time and I might have been getting a little ansy for that question to be asked. We had recently bought our first… Continue reading When he proposes in Costa Rica

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A Thai Island Experience

       We have never been to a place quite like Thailand, and the island vibe is completely different from the mainland vibe, it's less noisy, pushy and bright. We definitely fell in love with Thailand, especially the islands! Phuket is a big loud kind of dirty place, basically throw the Las Vegas strip onto… Continue reading A Thai Island Experience

Zebra Family, Kruger Park, South Africa

Rent a Toyota Corolla and drive thru Kruger Park

Some might think it sounds slightly terrifying, cruising around in a tiny car surrounded by elephants twice the size of your vehicle and Lions who could potentially break if they wanted to; but in reality it is probably the most rewarding experience you will receive on "safari" in South Africa. We started our journey much… Continue reading Rent a Toyota Corolla and drive thru Kruger Park