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Misconceptions about Travelling Abroad

Lets face it, We only have one life, so live it! If travelling and seeing the world is something that speaks to your soul stop listing excuses as to why you aren't able to, and start making lists of how to make it a possibility. Here are the top reasons people tell me why they are unable to travel, and my response.

North America

Banff & Lake Louise, The perfect Weekend Getaway

The Canadian Rockies are a prefect place to spend a weekend away! Skiing, Snowboarding, Hiking, Driving, Skating or eating; Banff & Lake Louise have a lot to offer for adventure seekers! Here you will find some recommendations and stories about our last weekend in the Mountains.


Greek Island Hopping

One of the best ways to experience the Greek islands is to island hop! You don't need a set schedule you can just move along at your own pace. If you fall in love with an island stay a few extra days, or if you're ready to leave after a few hours get on the next boat out of there! Here is how we Island hopped our way though the Greek Island.


Essentials for Backpacking India

India wasn't our first backpacking Adventure; although it was the trip we decided to put more effort into deciding what to throw into our bags and what to leave at home. Since wrapping up our adventure I have put together a list of what we thought to be essential, and those things to think about leaving at home.


Top Tips for Backpacking India

Helpful Tips for your first time in India Let me start with this quote I read on one of the hostel walls in Jodhpur. "Travelling is teaching you that everyone else's perception of the world is wrong." I'm not sure who wrote it, or pasted it on the wall, but I believe that is the… Continue reading Top Tips for Backpacking India