WE DID IT! 25 BY 25

         We completed our first travel goal ever made, which was to visit 25 countries together before we turn 25, and with a few months left until our 25th birthdays, we made it to our goal! What made this goal really special was we accomplished it just 1 day before our 9 year anniversary.

         If you would have asked either of us 9 years ago where we would be today

neither of us would have been able to predict all the adventures life has taken us on together.


25 Countries, 6 Continents, 115+ Cities, 44 Weeks abroad, and more in love than ever before!

 at 18 years old. Lucky for us the trip emphasised to both of us how much we truly loved travelling, and how much we enjoyed doing it together.

          After that huge adventure we took a few smaller ones, to Mexico, The USA & Jamaica, but after  craving more culture we booked our first flights over to Europe. Our first European trip lasted 4 weeks, we toured the UK, France & Italy (2013). Europe had our hearts. We knew we had to go back and this time for a lot longer, so we booked our flight back overseas,

Blue roofs and Cliffs of Oia, Santorini, Greece
Cliff side in Oia, Santorini

This time to last 7 weeks (2014)!!!

Hawaiian Luau
Luau Date night in Maui, Hawaii

 We got Married in 2015 and then took off to Peru for our Honeymoon, spending 2 weeks touring the country. On our flight home we were busy planning our next adventure, and after being home for only 2 weeks we already booked our next flights… Asia.

Honeymooning in Peru
Dune-Buggy rides & Sand boarding in and Huacachina, Peru

Asia is the place to go if you want to have an amazing time, on amazing beaches, with amazing people at an affordable rate. Truly Asia is cheaper than Mexico if you do it right! We spent 4 weeks in Thailand ( Spring 2016), loved it so much that we went

Temples in Angkor Wat, Cambodia

back to Cambodia and Vietnam later in the year ( Fall 2016 ). 2016 was a huge year of Travel for us, and one that we will probably have a hard time beating. We spent 6 weeks in Asia, but also 2

weeks in South Africa doing a Safari and exploring Cape town.

Zebra's in Kruger Park
Zebra Family, Kruger Park, South Africa

Truly an amazing year full of crazy adventures and giving us a lifetime of perfect memories!This year we completed our goal! 2017 started off with a bang, We brought in the New Year in Mexico, flew to Maui for a family wedding and shortly after zipped down to Texas to visit some family, and finally in June we flew back overseas to Europe visiting Iceland & Ireland, where we cheers’d to 25 countries!

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